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The Biden Institute and the Biden Presidency

Following his departure from D.C. in 2017, Biden and the university formed the Biden Institute, a research institute dedicated to policy discussion of several issues, including criminal justice, civil rights, women’s rights, and more.

Mika's top-7 tips for college women preparing to enter the workforce

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski shared valuable career advice for UD students during her keynote address at our annual Women's History Month Luncheon hosted by the Biden Institute.

News: Bringing You Inside the White House

Pete Souza, bestselling author and chief official White House photographer during the Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan administrations, met with the UD community through a special "Behind the Lens" virtual event, hosted by the Biden Institute.

News: UD Rises to No. 4 in Military Friendly Rankings

The Biden Institute is working to increase access to higher education opportunities for veterans, broadly and at UD. UD is now number 4 among top military-friendly research universities.