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News Connect, Communicate, Collaborate - Fall 2018

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Katie Gifford, PhD, North American Forum on Family Planning

CCRS researchers are attending and presenting at several conferences during Fall 2018.

Katie Gifford, PhD presented Contraceptive method choice among Medicaid enrolled women living in the same household at the North American Forum on Family Planning, October 20 – 22, 2018.  This meeting brought together approximately 1,500 clinical providers and staff, medical and social scientists, and other partners.  Dr. Gifford’s presentation was based on DelCAN, a joint project between the University of Maryland and the University of Delaware to evaluate an intervention intended to increase access to contraceptives within Delaware.  The research team for this project is:  Katie Gifford, PhD; Ann Bell, PhD; Mary Joan McDuffie, MA; Hira Rashid, MS; Erin Knight, PhD, MPH; and Michel Boudreaux, PhD (University of Maryland).  

Erin Knight, PhD, MPH will present Associations of unintended pregnancy and postpartum contraceptive method with rapid repeat birth among Delaware's Medicaid Participants at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Expo, November 10 – 14, 2018.  Dr. Knight has been active in the APHA for almost twenty years and is on the Advisory Committee for the Delaware Public Health Association.  The APHA Meeting draws over 12,000 individuals from various sectors of the health field and is touted to be one of the premier public health gatherings. The DelCAN research team for this project is: Erin Knight, PhD, MPH; Hira Rashid, MS; Mary Joan McDuffie, MA; Katie Gifford, PhD; Michel Boudreaux, PhD (University of Maryland); and Michael Rendall, PhD (University of Maryland).  

Max Holdsworth, CCRS Research Assistant, will also attend the APHA Annual Meeting and present his thesis work Association between alcohol taxes and car accidents: A UK framework.  Max successfully defended his thesis in October and will graduate with an MS in Public Policy in December 2018.

Four CCRS students will present at the fourth annual UD GIS Day on November 14, 2018. GIS Day is an annual event demonstrating the use of geographic information systems in real-world applications.   

  • Kalyn McDonough, PhD Candidate. Social Determinants of Health:  Life Expectancy and the Relationship with Race, Education and Poverty in Delaware.
  • Max Holdsworth and Talla Cisse, Masters Candidates.  Child Poverty and SNAP, TANF and Child Care Services in Delaware by Zip Code.
  • Corinne Bogan, BA Candidate.  Using Geographical Information Systems to Evaluate the Accessibility of Opioid Addition Treatment in the State of Delaware.

Katie Gifford, PhD will also present Geographic variation in contraceptive selection among Medicaid enrolled women in Delaware at the fourth annual UD GIS Day, November 14, 2018.

Stephen Metraux, PhD and Mary Joan McDuffie, MA will attend AcademyHealth’s State University Partnership Learning Network (SUPLN) Annual Meeting November 29 – 30, 2018.  Started in 2014, the SUPLN is a network of University and State Medicaid Divisions with the goal of promoting Medicaid research and collaboration. With over 19 state-university partnerships, SUPLN is a valuable association for Medicaid research.

For more information, please contact CCRS at

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​CCRS researchers - conferences Fall 2018.  North American Forum on Family Planning, APHA Annual Meeting and Expo, UD GIS Day, State University Partnership Learning Network Annual Meeting

CCRS researchers attend the North American Forum on Family Planning, APHA Annual Meeting and Expo, UD GIS Day, State University Partnership Learning Network Annual Meeting

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Connect, Communicate, Collaborate - Fall 2018
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