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Recognizing Women Leaders

Desa Burton, the executive director of the nonprofit coding school Zip Code Wilmington, was honored with the Biden Institute’s 2022 Women of Power and Purpose Award.

Regaining Public Trust in Journalism

The SNF Ithaca Initiative staff and students developed and led a series of sessions on trust and truth in the media and democracy at iMEdD's International Journalism Week in Athens, Greece.

News: UD Equity Interns Seek Community Change

Equity Interns, an offering of the Biden Institute, the University of San Francisco’s Leo T. McCarthy Center and the YMCA of San Francisco, provides students an immersive experience supporting equitable education in public elementary schools.

News: Finding Common Ground

CNN host and SNF Ithaca Fellow Van Jones had a candid discussion with Valerie Biden Owens about the need for all of us come together in civility to unlock the true bipartisan power in U.S. politics.